Villa Spiritual Direction Formation Program


“...the art of Spiritual Direction lies in our uncovering the obvious in our lives and in realizing that everyday events are the means by which God tries to reach us.”
                              --Alan Jones

  The Villa Spiritual Direction Formation Program introduces a person to the ministry of spiritual direction.  This three year program consists of various components including prayer, group instruction and sharing, assigned reading, reflection papers, practice and supervision.  The program provides a solid formative experience in spirituality and opportunities to increase listening skills.  The goal of the program is to help those who feel called to the ministry of spiritual direction to discern their gifts and acquire the necessary skills to be effective ministers of a contemplative-evocative approach to spiritual direction. 





Year One Year Two Year Three

Sacred Story
Prayer and Spiritual Direction
Biblical Foundations/ Historical
Images of God
God in the Everyday
Stages in the Adult Spiritual
Grace and Resistance
Ignatian Discernment
Schools of Spirituality
Influence of Teresa of Avila
       and Jung on Spirituality
12 Step Spirituality
Praying with Icons
Art Journaling
Myers-Briggs/Prayer Types
Weekend Retreat

Listening and
Supervision, Verba- 
      tims and Triads
Ethical Guidelines
Religious Experience in
       Spiritual Direction
Boundary Issues
Gender Issues
Role of Desire in Prayer
Group Spiritual
Sexuality and
Dream & Sp. Direction
Ignatian Spirituality
Weekend Retreat

      experience in
      giving spiritual
Monthly Meetings
      and Assigned
      Readings, Group
Weekend Retreat


Cost for next Class which begins
September 2018

$50 non-refundable registration fee.  

 $1350 per year per person for Years One and Two.  This fee includes weekly sessions [approximately 27 per year], two retreat weekends, and instructional materials.  Course texts are separate costs. 

  $600 for Year Three includes monthly meetings, one retreat weekend, and instructional materials.  Supervision fee is negotiated with Supervisor.


Pre-Acceptance Interview TBA
Orientation Day—August 25, 2018
First Class--September 12, 2018
Classes—Wednesday evenings from   6:30–9:15 PM September to May  [excluding holidays]

Retreat weekend held each year is required



Call, write, email  or download an application form.
 Deadline:  July 1, 2018

Address, phone number and email are at the bottom of this page   

Application form           Letter of Reference

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to those who satisfactorily complete the measurable objectives of the course outline.  This is not intended as a certification of the person as a spiritual director of validation of one's call to the spiritual direction ministry.  While an attempt is made to help the person discern that call, we believe that the final confir- mation is known in the fruits of the ministry and is clarified through the Spirit of Truth alive in the director, the directee, and the community of faith.


Applicants must:

  • Be receiving monthly Spiritual Direction for at least one year.

  • Possess emotional stability, spiritual maturity and reasonably good health.

  • Be committed to ongoing spiritual growth, regular prayer, and active ministry.

  • Have an adequate background in theology, scripture and spirituality and have made  a directed retreat prior to the beginning of classes.

  • Be committed to ongoing spiritual growth, regular prayer, and active ministry. 

  • Participate in all program classes, retreats, and activities.

  • Next class will begin September 2018.   


Margaret Dincher, SCC
Carol Makravitz,SCC
Josita Marks, SCC
Teresa Skierkowski,SCC

[partial listing]

Karen Doyle, SSJ, M.Div.
Catherine Ann Gilvary, IHM, MA
Nancy Lindgren
James Garvey, O.Pream.
Wendy Whitehead
Ann Marie Paul, SCC
Theresa Kelly, FMA
Judy Schiavo

Directions to Villa Pauline Retreat and Spiritual Center

Villa Pauline Retreat and Spiritual Center          Mendham, New Jersey 
352 Bernardsville Road Mendham, New Jersey 07945 
For Retreat information, Program information, and Spiritual Direction call: 
Phone: [973] 543-6528 x 217 or x 214 

A sponsored work of the Sisters of Christian Charity