What Is Spiritual Direction?


Spiritual Direction is:

  • based in the faith that God acts concretely in our world, loves us and desires to be known by us

  • a process by which you are invited to notice, savor, and deepen your ability to listen to God's direction for you and those in your life. 

  • a  personal relationship characterized by mutual trust and respect, warmth and caring, honesty and openness, whose purpose is a full creative response to one's spiritual relationship with God, self, and others. 

  • a contemplative, confidential relationship grounded in mutual, God-centered listening 

    The youtube video below will give you an idea of what spiritual direction involves, especially if this is the first time you are making an inquiry.


         Spiritual Direction is offered at Villa Pauline.  For more 
         information contact Sister Teresa at 973-543-6528 x 217 or
         Sister Carol at 973-543-6528 x 214.  We have several
         directors on staff.


Our Spiritual Directors are all Trained Spiritual Directors and members of Spiritual Directors International.  This is an important aspect of anyone offering spiritual direction.  Those seeking a director should always inquire where the director received training.

Spiritual Directors International
Spiritual Directors International is a learning community committed to advancing spiritual direction around the world. Our membership consists of people from many nations and many faiths. Spiritual Directors International provides programs, publications and practices to support spiritual direction.


Many individuals seek to deepen their faith and explore their spirituality through spiritual direction.  This resource, which is available through spirituality centers, retreat centers, universities and parishes, can be a valuable asset for growing in one’s own faith journey.  

One way of looking at spiritual direction offered by The Jesuit Center for Spirituality is:  

“The practice of reflecting on one’s prayer and speaking of it to another person of faith is part of a long tradition in the Christian churches known as “spiritual direction.”  It is neither counseling nor therapy, neither instruction nor problem solving.  Rather, spiritual direction is conversation wherein one person reviews his or her prayer with another in order to become more aware of God’s prompting within.  Having a guide in this process helps people to listen more closely, to discern more carefully, and respond more freely to the invitation of God in their lives.” 

Spiritual Direction is a spirit-centered relationship in which a trained and experienced individual assists a person in reflecting on her/his spiritual journey in the light of Gospel values. It's purpose is to enable the person to recognize and respond to God's self-communication in their prayer and in the ordinary happenings of life.

Spiritual Direction is usually a once a month process in which an individual discerns God's direction for her/him. This assumes a willingness to reflect prayerfully and honestly on their faith and to share their story with another human being.

The ultimate goal of spiritual direction is to relate more consciously and respond more fully to the God of one's understanding - who is always calling us to newness of life.

When choosing a spiritual director you should include the following: 

  • Find out about the director’s philosophy of spiritual direction to see if it matches your own.   

  • Ask the director about his/her training in spiritual direction and how long he/she has been a director.  

  • Find out how often the director recommends meeting with you (usually once a month).

  • Find out what expectations the director has of you as a directee.   

  • Share with the director what you are hoping to gain out of spiritual direction and about your understanding of spiritual direction. 

  • Visit www.sdiworld.org  for their “Seek and Find Guide,” a help in locating a spiritual director in your area 

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